Is it ok for boyfriend to give female co worker his number?

She was sacked weeks ago but he seems to know she has got another job? Maybe he's chatting to her?
Should I ask him? I don't want to come across jealous


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  • It fine. Trust him until he give you reason not to.

    Insecurity destroyed relationship. You can ask him, but make it casual, maybe like a joke or something.

    • He's cheated on his ex gf :/ why have her number? It's not like they worked along side each other as they work in different areas in sales

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    • So you got your answer. But you're not satisfied, isn't it?

    • No :/ I don't text any of the people I work with , just makes me think who gave who there number

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  • I think it is OK.
    But ask him if you have any doubts.


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  • If he gives you a business card then that is subtle and no one would even care.

  • Yeah its ok , until you find a reason not to trust him

    • They didn't work alongside each other , I'm insecure because he cheated on his ex gf ,

    • With you? Cuz if not then your just gonna have to trust him

    • No not with me

  • Well are they friends?

    • Well they didn't work alongside each other only saw each other on job courses , that was maybe one a month

    • Long enough to make friends though? Or no?

    • I just don't no what to think , I have just messaged him asking him how does he seem to know how the others got on after they all got sacked and he said they all talk?

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