He isn't planning to stay with his girlfriend and now she's pregnant?

a girl i used to go to college with is now pregnant with a guy thats for a long time said that he isn't planning on staying with her. whats worse is that she's always wanted a kid and is now pregnant with his child. his never really wanted kids and everyone around her expect herself now knows that he is planning on leaving her. i think this is horrible and i think someone should tell her. i would love to but its words against words. what should i do?


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  • If you are sure about it I think you should try to talk to her.

    • i want to talk with her about it. But sins i know she won't belive me unless i have more then just words. i can't. But there are severeal people who have gotten texted by this guy and he writes clearly that his not planning on staying.

    • He deserves a slap on the face!

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