Ex gf being cold, showing hate?

We dated for 1 year.. were both about to graduate highschool. I was her first everything. She did everything for me never lacked to show love for me and i was her king nothing was wrong. Last week we had sex next day (friday) wanted a break and I've been single since Sunday. She tells me guys talk to her and she loves it and that they are hot. She rubbs it in my face, getting me jelous, and that she does things. She has never been this kind of person, Hates guys that are pigs, hates parties, is anti social not many friends. I love her and we had life planned, I dont want to move on she's the one. Can anyone give me advice onto making her feel like she made a wrong decision. I know no one will understand her and she's not going to feel loved and appreciated. We haven't talked in 3 days


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