Best way to handle a break up if you want the girl back?

My girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me yesterday. It was very sudden and I had no idea she wanted to end it. But when she told me I asked why (she gave some bullshit generic response) and then I said "okay, fair enough," smiled at her and walked off. I tried to make it seem like it didn't bother me that much and that I'd have no problem finding a new girl.

Truthfully, I spent the whole night crying. I love her so much. One of the pillows on my bed still smells like her so I spent the whole night holding it tightly, which is incredibly sad.

But my question is: what is the best way to handle a breakup if you want the girl back? Did I do the right thing?
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  • Yea I think you handled it in a way that could not be mistaken by her. You weren't mean or hateful to her , in fact she has to be thinking you were very mature in handling a tough situation.

  • You did good mate, keep your chin up and good luck


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