My ex Contacted me 4 months after not speaking to me; I'm really confused?

hey guys so i have a question because it's really bugging me now:

me and my ex broke up in October and we tried to be friends but in December i accidentally pocket dialed him and he heard his friend saying bad things about him
and the ONLY 2 things i said to ALL this was "i like someone else now anyway, he makes me happy and he wants to go into the same career path as me and we're very compatible" and "i would not get back with him"

well he phoned me after and called me every name under the sun, told his mother how horrible i was, told his brother i said things about him (i didn't i said his brother was good looking that's it) and he stopped talking to me.

Yesterday (4 months later) he rang me and the 1st thing he asked me after asking what i had been up to lately was "have you got a new boyfriend" and i asked him if he had a new partner and he said yes and i said i was happy for him and he seemed surprised and said "really?" to which i said "why wouldn't i be happy for you?" he then asked if i moved on and i said yes and he asked me if we were good together and i laughed and said "of course we are otherwise we wouldn't be together" he then proceeded to tell me how I'm one of his best friends and how sees us being good friends in the future which i said "its been 4 months since we talked." "oh i got a new phone and only recently got a hold of your number" (Yeah right) "i thought u hated my guts" ".. we were always arguing" (refer to the December incident)"ok look i got to go but before u do just let me say that i have moved on; i want no justifications for what u did" "thank you" "but i also don't want to be that girl who is walked all over" "what do u mean by that i only want to be what we were" "ill call later" " ok bye" and i hanged up. i won't ring him back. i don't want him. i have moved on.

last week his mum
saw me in my new job and then boom a week later he calls me. why did he call me? i honestly am tired. he then what's the point? thank you guys :) xx


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  • To catch up and to make it like it was


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