What does this MEAN? I WANT HIM BACK?

I met this guy on tinder on September last year we were casually dating for 3 month and a half and we stop talking never got closure on January we started talking again on February we saw each other two times and he stop persuing me again all this time until then i checked his tinder page and he didn't logged in until now but he put a photo of us !! what does that mean? i want him back!!


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  • Have you tried contacting him?

    • YES on January we were texting and he wanted to see me (also I told him that I was going back to my country) and he wanted to see me more but he never concluded until he finally said to see go to his house to the superbowl i went everything went fine friends of him that didn't know me knew my name and my story of going home and at the end of that day he asked me to dinner that week and I agreed that day he told me he forgot his friend birthday that if i wanted to go there with him and I said yes and I went later in the car he said he had fun i was kind of nervous and said bye really quickly (i think I should have kissed him) and he told me he was going to talk me soon and he texted me inmediatly saying he had fun and we should repeat it i said yes and the next day i texted him to go out and bike with me and friend he didn't respond and later i found out i was staying here i told him and he said congrats and now the tinder thing i am totally confused!

    • Message him again and ask why he's being so distant. You have nothing to lose.

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