Help with breakup?

Hi whoever takes the time to read this.

My situation is below and jst wanted some feed back.

Me and the ex girlfriend broke up 3 months ago now. The first few months were the worst time I've ever been through. Now it still hurts and I still miss her but it's slightly beginning to feel normal not being with her.

We broke up out of becoming more like best buds than being a couple. I've: lack of passion etc.

When we broke up she said the old line of I wanna be friends, I refused and we did not talk for a few weeks, she eventually reached out and we began talking and occasionally meeting again. We talked about where we went wrong and both said we'd want to start again but in a totally new chapter rather that starting from where we left off. she said before we could do that though she needed some time apart.

This was wen I decided to go very limited contact, she would message me every few weeks and I'd be polite but that was it.

Recently however when we've texted she seems to have changed her mind, is very angry with me for how the relationship dwindled and has said the time apart has proven to her that the breakup was for the best. Since then I have dropped all her belongings to her house yet she has not returned mine.

Now I can totally get that and that's not why I'm here. I'm here because a part of me does really want her back and even though she has said the below. She contradicts herself with the following recent actions.

>Messaging me on Facebook on Valentine's day, bearing in my she had to unblock me to send the message and has since blocked me again.

>messaging me asking how my recent holiday was

> messaging me to congratulate me on becoming an uncle

Making plans to go see my best friend, his wife and my godson !!!

Any advice, opinions will be very gratefully received.


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  • My advice is to get the fuck over her.

    Girl can be flaky as hell, that normal. They can change their mind at the last minute. They can also send mixed signal to confuse you. They just don't know what they want sometime.

    Move on bro. Move on. She broke up with you, so she will have to come crawl back if she want you back. You don't have to do a single thing. Ball is in her court.

  • It is clear that she wanted you to pursue her and show the passion that you "lack." When you didn't she got angry.

    So here is the question... do you want her back? If so you need to go and pursue her again. You need to explain why you went silent. You need to be willing to get out of your comfort zone. At the same time she needs to be able to understand that you are you. Love is a two way street. You have a way you wish to love and a way you wish to be loved. So does she. You both need to find how you meet those needs without becoming something you are not. Hopefully you can find that balance and be happy.

    It sounds like the seeds of a deep friendship are there. It isn't that that is the issue. it is how the love around that manifests itself that seems to be the issue to me.

    Hope that helps.