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Ok so I'm 15 and my parents got divorced a year ago but the fighting went on for 2 years and after that my dad got a girlfriend because he didn't want to think of my mom so I said to myself I don't ever want to have a girlfriend but now I'm developing feelings for this girl so I don't know what to do. Should I like this girl or should I stay the course and never be hurt like I was when my parents divorced.. Please Help


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  • Make sure that you positive that you like the girl first. But don't let your parents decisions affect your relationships. Which I know from personal experience is difficult, but if you don't let yourself feel emotions like that it will end up hurting more than you think!

    • It's just I don't want to get hurt a second time I needed therapy because of the impact the divorce had on me

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    • I had that same problem with my step mum when I first met her, try getting to know her to find another way of seeing her. And as for the fear of breaking up with a girlfriend, (if you decide to ask her out) it won't be as painful as when your parents broke up.

    • How do I ask a girl out in high school it's not like I have money or a car I turned 15 last week and I only know my dads girlfriend as a person who buys stuff for me I don't know how else because whenever I feel there are going to kiss I just go away I can't deal with my dad dating someone else

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  • Not every relationship ends the same way - Take a chance a good relationship can be amazing, well worth taking a chance on.

    • I know but It's just I don't want to get hurt a second time I needed therapy because of the impact the divorce had on me

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    • i know but oh my goodness my parents were fighting non-stop on my Birthday even!!! I just can't go through that again and plus why would a girl like me!! I'm not hot and I'm not extremely smart but still smart, I joke a lot, my teachers like me, I don't curse (never have), i seem too much of a goody goody for a girl of her "caliber" I'm also scared of rejection and some of my friends think I'm too socially awkward whatever that means

    • I know it was tough but I think you are making your past even more negative by letting it rule your future - I barely remember my schooldays and the labels been bandied about nerd, popular etc. It wasn't a concious decision for me but I stayed out of it by thinking I am just me not any label and I managed to get a girlfriend. A girls taste cannot be quantified it is all based on the chemistry between two people.

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