How do I get over a cheating girlfriend (about 2.5 years) and seeing him and her together at work?

ill make this simple... i got cheated on for about 7 to 8 months not knowing after catching her. I get yelled at i get the "its your fault" thing.. you know when cheaters blame you for everything and bring up all the negative things and never the positive. So i see them both everyday at work.. and its hard for me to aviod them.. the guy do the same thing i did with her.. take her to work, sit at the same lunch table i used to sit.. now i sit in my cold car at night (2nd shift) and eat becuase i want to avoid them. everybody knows. about it.. im embarrassed..

we both move from another state to start a fresh.. and now that she lefted me for him im all alone in this state that i have no idea whats good and no friends that i can trust and no family. So im living alone in my 1 bedroom apt that we was living in.. If i wasn't in love with her i wouldn't be in this horrible pain.. Im a gamer, im usually at home.. but now that im alone and in a state that i dont know anything about im at home a lot more than ever.. I would go out when i was with her. somewhat because we both didn't know about this state and we was saving up our money etc..

so how do i get through this pain? what should i do? its hard to trust any girl now.. oh well..


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  • I just want to reach through here and hug you sweetie! I'm not sure how to get over it. You will definitely need the support of friends. And if I may suggest, working a different shift or somewhere different all together. Please don't ever feel embarrassed, for there is no reason to feel that way. Some people are just cruel and like to rub things in your face. Rise above them honey! There's nothing to fear!

    • Thank you.. a hug would be good right now.. if my family was here with me in Texas they would hug me and stuff.. but i tried to change shifts but my positon is a 2 man team on both shifts and the first shift is full with 2 :(... unless i downgrade.. no way.. i actually helped her get this job.. i brought her in the company. sucks... but i am looking for a better job anyways. thank you once again. ill try to keep my head up.

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  • wow im so sorry that happened to you. fuck that bitch, its not your fault at all. karma will visit her (and him if he knew about you). right now you just have to take care of yourself. people are looking at HER like she did something wrong, nobodys looking down on you. its she who should be embarrassed because that's really foul. I would suggest that you go out and get your mind off things. even though you don't know anyone, go out to a bar or lounge by yourself at night so you can meet people (guys and girls). don't sit at the house by yourself playing games, go out even if u don't feel like it and eventually your mind will be taken off her so much

    • Thank you :(.. and yea he knew about us.. he just stepped right in and took her away from me.. but its also her fualt as hell. if she loved me like she said she did.. this would of never happened.. but yea i guess ill go out.. i dont drink, nor smoke.. so i dont even go to a bar.. but ill think of somthing.. ill take your advice.. thank you so much.

  • I am sorry you have to deal with that first of all. Okay so you can look at all the things you have lost or... you can see this as a new beginning. You are in a new state where no one knows you. What an adventure. Best way to get through the pain is to find things that bring joy back into your life. Maybe go online and find social gatherings that appeal to you. As for the trust, that will be what takes the longest and you have to believe that you are as a person deserve to be with someone you can trust. The next woman will not be this chick, and you will have to deal with whether you can let go of your own insecurities enough to be with someone else. Right now though you should focus on you and starting your life. Be happy that you are a strong confident man that doesn't need to prove himself to someone who isn't worth it. Stop eating in your car. You shouldn't be embarrassed, she should. Show them both that they can't break you. It sucks, but karma is a bitch and it will catch up.

    • Thank you.. ill do my best.. i be in my apartment.. i dont know anything about texas... but ill try my best to do things alone.. this sucks soo bad.. i wish this never happened.. but its done now.. i wish i can have people like you to talk to me everyday to get over this disaster.

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    • I'm from Chicago.. and now i live in Texas.. thats how far it is lol. way off huh? i had a break down today at work.. well i didn't show it but it was horrible seeing them together and stuff.. im really trying to find another position at the job if i can get it. or just get a whole new job all together.. its a nightmare. its like waking up to go to work is like waking up going to hell.. like no way out fast.. this pain is soooo bad.. i want my old self back.. i wanna laugh and be the joker again. and do things i love.. its so hard to do it because of this pain. :(.

      I dealt with this before.. but it was easier because i cut all contact and never see this person again.. but this one.. i see her everyday at work with the other guy. just seeing them together is a killer.. even seeing the back of her head is a killer. well.. i dont know what to do. there's no medicine for this. To me the best way is to quit or move positions.

    • Wow, that is a hell of a move. Is there any way you can go back to Chi town? There isn't a pill, but it does get better with time. My heart goes out to you. I really hope you find what you need to get through this.

  • She moved on so its time for you to move on... definitely start dating she's no good anyways she cheated on you dont you think you deserve better there so many great woman out there i went through something similar and it was hard to let go it took me 5 whole years to get over my ex he's married now with kids and he lives directly around the corner from me ! i felt he was the only guy for me until i realized he has truly moved on and that he was happy with someone else i tried counsling and everything then i finally decided to start dating different guys joined a bowling league and met the love of my life and im engaged now it takes time but once you realize that she's your past and that you deserve someone whos faithful and find a hobby that you would like and meet new people things will get better things like this happen all the time to so many people its hard and damaging to the heart but you love you more i hope so best thing to do for you is just move on be happy for her at least she actually sticking with him... i hope. Hang in there there's a special someone out there for you but for now focus on you and everything else will surely fall in place god bless!


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