He doesn't know what he wants?

So my EX and i broke up in a really weird way.
We did not speak about our break up since.. well since we broke up lol (i know sounds weird)
I was the one who wanted to at least meet him to talk about the break up you know stuff like why it didn't work out and if we wanna stay in contact or whatever.
But he just seems to avoid having this "break up talk"
And by the way he still making me compliments and stuff
He texted me and told me twice that he wanna meet up to talk but he always cancels and i'm just wondering why is he doing that?
We wanted to exchange or stuff back too but like i said he keeps cancelling

What should i do?


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  • Sounds like he is scared to meet up and see you again. I would just call him and be like, When can you meet? and if he cancels on you just put his stuff on his door step. I'm sorry that y'all broke up tho. That can be hard sometimes.

    • thank you hun :)
      But how am i getting my stuff back? And really would like to have this talk with him! I don't want him back i just wanna end this like grown ups you know..

    • Yeah ikr. Guys can be such retards sometimes. Like why can't they end it like grown ups with out all the drama and un answered questions. As for your stuff. Hmmm If you work, there's that. Tell him this say, Look I really need to speak to you, I know this is hard but please. I would really like to speak to you. Thank you ( If it's a voicmail) and your welcome!

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