Guys, does it end bad for her when she makes you choose between her and someone else you met? Or do you respect her for it?

Guys, do you feel like its a bad sign when a woman make you choose between her and the other girl she found out about? Does it make her seem insecure or does it make you respect her more?

Thoughts... would you recommend women to pressure men into choosing?


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  • Why she want me too choose one? Whats the reason?

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    • I'm the girl he's dating... based on the texts I've seen, they are now just flirting, the talking stage, no dates yet.

    • I will think you're jealous and you want me for yourself only personally I like it and I would stop flirting with this women if you request in good way. I will stop message her

      But wait if I'm really in love with you I won't flirt with other women unless I dont want to be with 1 women only so in other way thats early signs of cheating if he will not stop there's something in his mind about this women

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  • I recommend that the women leave the loser for two-timing and find someone who makes her his one and only.


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  • It does make you seem insecure, especially if he was dating the both of you while giving the illusion of being committed to only you. A person who knows their worth knows that they're worth more than someone who does something like that.
    Besides, nobody likes ultimatums. 99% of the time, when person 1 gives person 2 an ultimatum, person 2 will choose the option that person 1 didn't want them to choose.

  • I'd dump the scum bag.


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