Does he deserve a chance?

My ex and I were abnormally close friends for a year before we dated... It took him a while to ask me to be hid girlfriend even though he knew how I felt...

he broke up with me in December while we were in our respective hometowns after schools closed (I was done with school). For no real reason but he did mention distance and the posiiblility of seeing each other twice a year forever.

the break up tore me apart and I often opened up the platform to talk about it and we did. We kept in touch he did check up on me...

now I got a job an hour away from where he stays and I have little by little accepted things and I'm happy.

I called him during the weekend to ask him to brutally tell me why we broke up and what he tells people when they ask. He said he never really has an answer cause at the time he just had that conviction and had to stick with his decision and he regretted it and he still regrets it now...

could he be telling the truth?


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