Ex gets mad about something someone said on my facebook?

We were together almost 5 years. Sans too many details, very serious relationship. Bumps and all we loved each other very much so I thought, at least I did. She left me because she wanted to be back home a few hrs away. It wasn't "an us problem" according to her but, within a month she's in a relationship and blasting about this old now new boyfriend. There was back n forth between us and we almost got back when they broke up but she went back to "super clingy" guy. She hates being alone, needs a lot of attention and is obviously codependant. Always has a boyfriend. I cut her off... had no connections to her or any of her friends on social media. Once in a blue moon we would speak, a couple of times talked about things... she was confusing and put my head through it. It really took me a minute to get over the blindness of "love" and denial that it happened. I still wanted her. After a year of not seeing her and little to no talk she contacts me mad about a comment some girl she didn't like made on a public page. I didn't even acknowledge this persons comment. She said friends were asking her about it... which is crap because only one person that knows her follows the page. I know she was creepin it. Apparently I had no respect for her and should've defended her even though she left me for this other person she's all happily ever after with. I never spoke poorly of her. I handled her statement appropriately, I can't control what someone else who I barely speak to does or says. haven't spoken sense with her and no desire to anymore. I'm just curious as to why she would do that. And have the audacity to think you can put a person through that and expect them to "defend" you when you have left and cut them off for someone else. Just curious on other opinions. thanks


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  • Well first, what was said by the girl she doesn't like and what was your input in that?

    In a larger sense, I think the only reason for your ex to start this type of conversation with you is her need for attention. Anybody who is like that, wants drama in their life. It really doesn't matter if she has moved on, is with somebody, or still loves and cares about you. What matters to this kind of person is to be in your head. It's one thing for her to move on, it's another thing to think that you have moved on too. To her it might seem like you SHOULD defend her, also because you used to do that, you were together for 5 years, she "expects" a certain behavior out of you.

    I am not saying she's right, and obviously she isn't but I think that's the most logical explanation to her actions.



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