How do you get over someone?

seriously? i haven't done it before and me and this guy broke up for the first time after we dated 3 months almost TWO YEARS ago now, and each time i try get over him and end up going back to him. I've tried not talking to him, I've tried seeing other people, and i always just end up back with him. its been almost two years of this.

he's the first guy I've ever really cared about and this time we haven't had any super bad fights or anything, its just circumstances, but i NEED to move on, but honestly, am feeling lost as to how :(


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  • The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. If you really want to, you can move on. Just stop seeing him. I think you are afraid of being alone; part of you doesn't want to start over. You said you tried to see people, but it's hard to go back to dating when you are guarded and not giving these guys the full range of opportunity. Delete his number, delete all of his contacts, and tell him to leave you alone.

    • yeah i think you are right and i should do what you suggest.. i know you're right but i also know i probably won't do it because i tried it once and it still didn't work cos obviously i didn't stick with it. i guess my question should be - how do i make myself want to move on?

    • You have to figure out why you want to go back to your ex? What are you afraid of?

    • aha i dont knoooowww! i guess i will take some time to reflect and then follow your advice when i figure out the answer. thank you :)

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  • I am sorry to hear, so why don't you try to make it work?

    • because each time i try something gets in the way... this time its because we didn't talk for two months and in that time he started liking another girl on the other side of the world who he's never met.. and now he also likes me. which is the stupidest thing I've heard because we BOTH know he's just fantasizing but i still dont want to be with someone who isn't just thinking about me, and i dont think thats too much to ask!

    • Does he know?

    • does he know he's just fantasizing? yes he does, he says he knows nothing would ever happen and he knows that he doesn't even really know who she is since they've never met.. and he also says he wish he didn't like her like that because then he could be with me, no complications.. but he won't make any effort to stop talking to her, because even i admit she is a very nice girl and it would be mean to stop when she knows nothing about the situation

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  • You get under another one

    • ahhhh hahaha i did try that before but i ended up thinking about him the entire time and felt even worse after! dklsa;d;salda so dumb

    • LOL it's a repeat over and over kind of deal until you get it right ;) ;)

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