My boyfriend talks to another girl on the phone. she even sent him a bra photo?

my boyfriend talks to this other girl. lets call her jade. me jade and my boyfriend were in a group conversation, she claims she 'accidentally' sent a photo of her in a bra. it was obvious it wasn't an accident. she told me on private message that she face times him and i told her to not and she told me do you want me to stop talking to him i said yes. and then i told my boyfriend and he's like thanks she's really annoying anyway. that night i told him to FaceTime me and he's like I'm going to sleep now maybe and then we spoke for a bit and then like 5 min later he's like jade wants to do a 3 way call with you? I'm like ok. it didn't work when they added me and so both of them just spoke and i don't know how long but she never shuts up so it probably was for a long time. is this right? what do you guys think of the situation. should i break up with him or? and when i speak to him about it I'm scared, i don't know what to say and i don't want him to think I'm crazy and clingy.
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  • You're not crazy or clingy. She is most definitely trying to steal him from you. Try talking to him one more time about how she is really bothering you. If he still doesn't listen at all you might want to just call it a quits.


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  • I can see why you are upset - your guy is not putting you first and a supposed friend is ignoring your request to back off because she is after your man. If you dont stand up for yourself this will continue. This is really up to your guy to back you up rather than encourage her. The good thing is that he thinks she is annoying and he has chosen to be with you. Now you have to make him see his behaviour is putting Jade before you, which is not right. Next time a facetime thing happens dont go along with it - tell him you were really hoping to spend some time with him alone. If he says he's going to hook up without you then tell him how it makes you feel - try nit to accuse him but he needs to know the impact. The other thing is, guys start behaving better when they get scared they will lose you - so it won't hurt if you let him know that you dont want a guy who is going to put another woman first.


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  • Talk to him about it- relationships are all about communication and besides you aren't risking anything by talking to him especially if you're considering the alternative of breaking up with him. I'm sure he'd also feel the same way if the roles were reversed and I wouldn't worry too much- it sounds like he's telling the truth and doesn't like her back. But you should tell him to stay away from her too because it sounds like she isn't going to be the one to do it (stay away).


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