Guy stating he is more level-headed?

I started recently seeing this new guy. During our third date, he said something that made me feel really uncomfortable. He stated that he was more level-headed and stable than me. I felt like he was insinuating that I wasn't level-headed at all. And I took serious offense to this. Ever since then I've been really reserved and I'm a little put off. I'm afraid to open up and show any emotion towards him because he is obviously so in control and detached, that if I show any emotion or hurt over the fact he was an hour late to our date and didn't even let me know, that I'm the unstable one. I told him he might be more "level-headed" but I feel I have a deeper understanding of respect and empathy. He disagreed.

Am I over thinking things? Or does that seem like a dickish thing to say?


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  • A person who has to be stable all the time is controlling... they don't like instability so they would avoid it.

    A lot of guys feel this is a good trait, however, it can be to the point where life is boring as hell and they can become totally detached from their feelings.

    The relationship begins to feel more like a business agreement than two people in a relationship.

    I think he probably meant it as a positive that he feels he grounds you... but he could have said it differently. It is never a good idea to present a trait of your own as being a positive without pointing out some positive traits your SO has that makes you a good team. It's a little selfish.

  • He's right. Demonstrably.


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