Girls/Guys: From your personal experience, do you find that exes always come back?

In my experience as well as my friends, I always find that no matter who did the break (the girl or the guy) they always come back but not immediately. Like months down the road, the person would message you trying to make generic convo and this goes with anyone you've dated, been in a relationship or just were talking to or seeing. It's like a month to a year before a person comes back mostly when you've moved on. Do you guys share the same experiences with exes coming back? Why do you think they come back?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Only one major Ex came back from my experiences but she was always like bouncing back and forth between exes of hers. She'd always chase me when I'd dump her for cheating but when we were together it was like I was being ignored by her. My other exes never came back except for one girl who barely lasted and she only really facebooked and texted. We were too far away for things to workout and she only ranted aimlessly and I stopped talking. So I think she just did it outta boredom.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Erm its complicated but I think mine has sort of come back so I would say yes.

    Also consider, do you like your ex? Or do you want him to leave you alone?

    • No, ideally one shouldn't go back to an ex unless of course your Ryan gosling and rachel mcadams in notebook. :)

    • Those two dated twice. Thus I can see that but there are circumstances where its good. Like if you and your ex had a year without any any physical/sexual/emotional connection and yet you two still liked each other (my situation) and if your ex is not an ass.

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What Guys Said 2

  • Depends on the reason for the break-up and how smoothly it went... but down the line, you always hear from them at some stage

  • In my expierence no

    • It's ok, an ex is an ex for a reason. Maybe it's a girl thing. ;)

    • Was speaking from my expierence not for men in general - I am sure it happens that ex gfs come back to some guys.

What Girls Said 3

  • Yes. At some point, you see the regret and the pain they feel. But even if they regret it badly, I could never get back to an ex.

    • Agreed and yes they regret it. Guess it's cause you were the best they ever had. :p

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    • Yes, but then that giving and kindness makes you the best they've ever had. Believe me, people come to realize in time not the things you said to them but what you did and made them feel. We focus so much on superficiality of life that it takes time away from a person to see the goodness and depth that made us happy. And it's always there lost!

    • Yeah, that's right :)

  • I hope they come back. I hope they're miserable without me. *memories rush back* oh god no im crying. WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME KEVIN

    • How long were you guys together? And the length of the break up? They always come back when you've moved on.

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