I just lied to my ex and told him I been talking to someone else, after I cought him talking to another girl. Was this the right thing?

Me and him had one problem. He never let me look at his phone or showed me proof that he isn't the way he was before. Before he had approached me on Facebook and sended me pictures of his Dick.. I ignored him but after a while I slowly got to know him and gave him a chance. He seen the loyalty in me but complained about how I wouldn't trust him. He one night pushed me hard to the floor and threatened me to kick me out after I had grabbed his phone. He appologized. I gaved him another chance. My gut feelings were always there. Then today my friend sended me screenshots of him blowing her up on IG.
He talked to her the same way he talked to me on Facebook. He asked her for her number and so fourth. I then texted him and told him, this is why I never trusted you... Then I told him I been talking to someone else by the way... and left it like that...


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  • it was very wrong of him to push you down.. but he hasn't cheated on you. I don't really know what your relationship was/is like but breaking up because he was chatting with another girl is stupid.

    unless he was making sexual comments to her and stuff or you caught them kissing or something

    • So flirting is okay...

      Cheating is physically doing something?

    • i would say flirting isn't really ok. but having a conversation with someone or a compliment or 2 is not necessarilyflirting

    • since I haven't seen exactly what happened I am trying to be impartial. he could be a cheating jackass. but try not to jump to conclusions

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  • yes. move on.


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  • in my opinion u had to break up with him when he sended a pictures of his dick to you


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