Does he still love me or what?


So me and my boyfriend broke up 3 weeks ago, I dumped him but I started to regret it afterwards.. we had a fight and he was being a jerk to me (happened a lot so I was done at that moment, he was like I'll talk to you when I am back from my holiday goodbye) so we broke up after a fight, the days before he left he was calling me like crazy but I was mad so didn't reply. After 5 days he started saying it is better is way. A week later he started a relationship with a person from another country who he mad during his vacation > longdistance. I was broken and started contacting her, his mother and that was really stupid I know. Then he blocked me everywhere, Facebook, whatsapp, instagram and so did his new 'girlfriend'. So after a week or so I started to work about myself and started talking to a guy he used to be friends with but they never talk anymore. He heard at school rumours about that I kissed with that boy (which I didnt) then he unblocked me everywhere and started asking me if me and that boy were together, I didn't answer his question and he kept asking it. Then he messaged the boy if the rumours were true and if we were dating. He said that it was better for him (that boy) if he didn't because I do crazy thing and I am a psycho. He told him bad things about me and is now trying to be friends with him and talking about going out together (he wants their friendship back all of a sudden) and he told him it is not about me because if I dated someone he wouldn't care but now he does because they used to be friends (during my relationship that lasted 11 months he never talked about this guy) what does this mean, I dont understand.. He told me to get a life and now he is doing this


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  • Good God reading all that made my head hurt. This is easy. You need to decide if you want him back or not. If you do then arrange a meeting that you two can talk in private and in person. Tell him how you feel and ask if you both can put the past behind and start anew. Admit your part as a cause for the fighting and breakup. The rest is up to him

    • Thats the problem, I do want him back but he has a new girlfriend and is acting for 2 weeks now like he doesn't care about me, he ignored me, blocked me on everything and told me he hated me and stuff. Then suddenly he hears about me and another guy and he starts talking to me, asking me if we are together and telling me its not about me but about that guy. and said things like "good luck with your new boyfriend xx"

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    • Then isn't it too soon to ask those things? He has a girlfriend and he is clearly still mad because he is making me look bad by other people

    • Ask him if he's ready to put the past behind. If he isn't then he isn't finished being mad at you. He's really dishonest with his new gf because he still has feelings for you. If he didn't he would never communicate with you in any way

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  • Honestly id say leave him alone and don't think about it. He's acting childish. You don't need that at all

    • But why is he doing this? he said "get your own life or die, forreal" so I left him alone and started talking to this other guy and now he suddenly wants to know if I have something with him and now he suddenly unblocks me everywhere. He has a new girlfriend so what if I was dating that boy.

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