You think my ex will stop his mind games now?

So my ex has been playing mind games since he broke up with me 3 weeks ago and the last time I talked to him was Friday and he said he was going to come see me on his day off and saying he wanted to buy me a bed, he kept calling me babe and then said he loves me a lot and misses me and after talking for about 20 mins he hangs up on me and I tried to call back once and he didn't answer and then I text him to ask if he was really going to come see me but he hasn't responded and today he was supposed to come over, so I know he is playing mind games with me again.

So today I was really sad but fed up so I text him "I guess what you told me last week was a lie, I love and care about you but he just ignore me so have a nice like and you won't be hearing from me again" then I shut my phone. Was that the right thing to say and do?


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  • Literally find it within yourself to ignore him delete his number, he's a jack ass so don't go chasing after him

    • I I deleted his number when he broke up with me, and I'm not going to chase after him the only reason I text him today was so that he knows I'm not going to put up with what he is doing to me anymore, and I'm going to be ignoring him, and he is a big time jack ass I would think that since he is 31 he would act like that but I guess some people never grow up

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    • Oh when people call themselves tools they don't mean that you used them, "tool" is like a synonym for "jackass" thanks for MHO!

    • I thought he was trying to say I used him, but I tried to ask what he meant but he wouldn't reply so I sent another text saying that I'm walking away from this again and he just continues to ignore me I know I should have ignored that text but it's so hard because I love him and the break up was over something stupid that didn't matter but I have to move on so if he contacts me again I have to be strong and ignore him.

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  • Yes stop all communication


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  • Yes don't take him back ignore him!


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