Should I give him another chance or move on?

My boyfriend dumped me without really saying it to my face I found out threw friends we dated for a year and a half before that. We spent about 4 months without talking but he would show up at my work with his friends and laugh at me as well as all him and his friends were so rude towards me. Now were talking again and he wants me back... He says he won't let his friends get in the way of us like he did before.( he used to ditch me all the time or leave whenever his friends asked him and let them bitch about me). He says he'll change but I don't know if I can trust it anymore. He's already talked to one of his friends a little bit about what he did to us. He hasn't ditched me so far either but has lied to me about him not being friends with certain people anymore but still hangouts with them and I find out. He has made some progress in changing but I'm just not sure if he'll just stop caring like he did before should I give him another chance or just move on?
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  • While he may be feeling bad that he treated you that way and let his so called friends do it as well doesn't convince me that anything is different with him. As you stated , he is already lying to you about them. How long will it be before he is having them join him at your job again? Will he keep his word on not letting them come between the two of you? I don't know about this second chance with all his baggage ( cruel friends )


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  • Too much, I would move on. Usually people who say they will change, don't. You can find guys way better then that. Start fresh. Not getting back with him would probably teach him a lesson to not do that kind of shit in the future.


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  • I never trust humans they feel like lies are needed to live.


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