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Nine month relationship with a very sweet guy who I'm almost sure wants to break up with me. He's got a busy schedule, but when I've been super busy I've *made* time to talk to the people I love. I asked when we could see each other next and all he did was say how busy he is and how he's sorry I miss him - not that he misses me back - and sometimes what people don't say speaks the loudest.

And not to sound like a crazy stalker gf, but I have happened to notice that he finds the time in his busyness to be on Facebook, and it's a bit heartbreaking to realize that ten minutes can go by on fb and not one of those can be devoted to the gf he's too busy to make any plans with.

What's your take? Has he lost interest and is this what you guys do when you're plotting to break up?


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  • You need to sit back and let him come to you.

    Either he will break up with you or you might be able to get him interested again.

    Don't ask when can you hang out make yourself busy with your own life. He is probably feeling trapped so asking to hang out will only make it worse. Just give him space to be in a man cave or whatever he does and either:

    A) He will break up anyways if so nothing you could do would stop that.

    B) He will come to you and ask you when you want to hang out.


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  • Sorry but I think he's lost interest and is trying to indirectly tell you it's gone end soon


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