Have you ever broken up with someone even though you loved them and knew it was going to hurt you and them? if so, why? what was the "last straw"?

just wondering if you've ever broken up with someone you were in love with even though you knew it was going to hurt both of you? what ultimately made you decide to do that?
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  • well, not when i loved them, but i have when i knew it would hurt her. as per why: cuz i was just using her for sex. the last straw was i found someone else.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes because I knew I would keep being hurt if I stayed. Sometimes you are better off being without the person you love.

    • were you two just not compatible or did something happen?

    • We got along great but I felt he chose his family over me and it hurt so bad.
      He had a job in Connecticut and we live in new york. He was gone for weeks at a time. He came back for a two day weekend I asked him to spend time with me. He chose his family. There were other situations too

    • aw i'm so sorry girl. it was definitely in your best interest to leave that. i'm sure you did the right thing for yourself.

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What Guys Said 5

  • ultimately there have been relationships in which I loved a person but knew that I wasn't "in love" with them... what was the last straw? not always a final straw most often it's just the realization that I wanted and needed something different. that the relationship was only making me so happy and that staying in it would be unfair to me and the girl

  • I would do this if she cheated, but my feelings of love towards her would be gone by that point, only hate after that kind of betrayal, shows she didn't love me.

  • Never been in that predicament
    can't see how it would ever come about to be honest

    If ya love someone and they love you... ya stay together. . simples

    • Cheating.

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    • Fuck that
      I don't care how much I love someone
      they cheat and it's instantly turned them into someone else... Thus not being in love with them @posted

    • Same boat but people do still for whatever reason

  • Cheating became a trust issue.

  • She cheated


What Girls Said 2

  • We were long distance for several years. We were really young and thousands of miles apart, there was still 5 years of education to complete. None of us had money to see each other, so it was doomed to be over.

  • It wasn't a straw. We we're in highschool. It was almost time for college and we're going on two completely different sides of the country. So I ended it, very hard because I loved him


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