I pushed her away, help?

Dating a 20 year old , and my anxiety pushed her away, I came across as needy when really it was just my anxiety going through the roof after an incident not related to her at all..
She was very polite about brushing me off, and I just accepted it and walked away, no begging, no contact...
She was a lot of fun, any ideas to try and win her back?


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  • Nah bro. It over. Move on.

    Only way is to show that you're not needy, but by trying to win her back, you still appear as needy.

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    • My anxiety is way down, was a couple months ago now... moving on was not an issue, just in hindsight would love a second go with her with my head clear

    • I agree with this guy

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  • 'Try and win her back'? She's not an object you win at a spelling contest. Simply explain to her that you struggle with anxiety and ask her for another chance. If she's not down then whatever, move on.

    • You know what I meant, regain her attention... didn't mean it that literally

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