I pushed my first love away twice, because we always quarrelled. I wanna get back her, what should I do?

Now I know it's because I gave her no attention and cared less for her. I asked for her forgiveness, but failed. She said the life with me is like in hell.

I wanna get back her, what should I do?


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  • okay dude just move on if you just notice by now that you didn't give her your attention and caredless for her like... thats really hard on her like she doesn't want that relationship if its always gonna be like that and you did this twice like if i was her i would say the same thing and you should feel bad and learn your own mistakes and better yet never do it again to next girl your gonna be with because knowing now that how bad you treated her is just bad... im sorry if im being mean or anything but its the truth dude like no girl would like that at all thats just sad... but just know your mistakes and never do this again... and plus i think you just need time for your self and know who you really are as a person okay be safe and be respactfull for girls too okay

    • Thanks! It's hard for me to get over her, because she taught me a lot and changed me a lot. Without her, I wouldn't have learned so much. Thanks again, I will reflect on my actions.

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    • @destineyislife I apologize if I offended you

    • @MrLi0n no no its cool its just that you have to read before you write not to be mean or anything i just thought really you have to say that lol but its okay lol i dont really get that mad i just say what i think is right for a person and i dont let anybody push me around :) so its okay man

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  • I'm just going to be blunt... there's nothing you can do only a small percent of people get with their first love and stay with them till their older. For most people first love is to teach you what you really want in a relationship. I would suggest to move on from it because trying to get back with her after she's said no will only make you go insane and make you ill, you will find another girl who is even better!

    • i agree on that but you saying another girl who is even better yes that is true but i want to point out that he should be really good to whoever his gonna be with and never do what he did with his ex @ShyGuy30

    • Actually, I've tried to get back with her, now I feel guilty. You are right, I should move on.

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