Seeing an ex out for the first time?

Just curious for opinions, you see an ex out after a couple months. The break up had no drama whatsoever, you both just moved on...
Any reason why when you see each other out for the first time, you don't acknowledge each other's existence? Even just for the sake of being polite?


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  • Inmaturity is the answer. If you guys had no drama you at least can have the decency of being polite and say hello, you don't have to talk or anything. However, I don't like when I see my ex randomly. I always feel nervous, always say hello, but is always awkward. Maybe she feels hurt, did you try to say hello and she avoided you?

    • Umm, well she made the call to go our own ways, she was really nice about it, I just accepted it, wished her well and walked away, never contacted her since.. I would of said hello if she was close, she was with a group of girls, but I don't want to appear to be that guy who is always floating around...
      But we got on good ( personality wise ), so I was surprised

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    • Or maybe she was expecting you to say hello first. I don't know, you know Her better ;)

    • Thanks for the honesty :) I left things with her at feel free to say hi anytime, but I'll respect your space, So I didn't want to seem pushy with her... Maybe she is still confused by me lol... but yeah, thanks again :)

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