Girls, if you brushed a guy off because he came on too strong/needy, what do you think when he takes it well and totally disappears?

Just curious, do you feel relief that he is out of your life? Or do you start to doubt that he was actually that needy in the first place?
Maybe not even care?
Love female perspective


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  • Id at first be relieved but then id wonder why he was able to take it so well, then I'd start to question how needy he actually WAS if after I ended things he was able to just disappear. It'd definitely make me question myself and Honestly make me more attracted to this guy. May even make me regret my decision!

  • Relief. It usually just shows a natural mismatch when someone acts so needy it pushes one person away. Both people sense it, but the needy person pursues out of fear or never meeting anyone again or because people are interchangeable tools to validate their feelings.


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