Should I tell him, Or should I keep it to myself?

Long story short, "I" slept with my abusive ex while I was
"exclusive" with someone else, I went over to his house and he kept trying and trying until he just did it, to me this is like pouring someone a cup of tea, if they don't want the f***ing tea to begin with, don't pour them a cup... Anyway.. I told the guy I was seeing what had happened, (he had already known about my past with him, seeing bruises etc..) and I told him it was three times I was so in shock with what had happened I thought I owed it to him to tell him the amount of times he tried as well, I told him if he didn't want to see me anymore I would go, he refused and said he wanted to work on it, a month later asked me out, things were going well until he broke up with me 3 months after what had happened told me that was the reason why then started dating someone else a week later.. (He was talking to her before we broke up), I want to tell my now ex boyfriend it was only once, and what had happened wasn't what I intended nor was it because I wanted too... I wrote a letter explaining it all, we've been broken up for almost 3 months now... and I want to tell him more for me than for him, But is it really worth it at all?


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  • See I got voted down by multiple girls for saying that women can't resist dudes that abuse them in a previous question, but then you get stuff like this.

    I have to say, evidence to the contrary is startling. I know you can't help it, something about it turns you on that I as a man, just don't understand. But it obviously happens.

    • It's not a turn on in the least.

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  • If it's worth the risk then take it


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  • If you really want to get back with your ex then you should tell him what happened, it would be a good way to start again, honesty.


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