My bf and I got into a really big fight I don't know who should call?

My bf and I got into a big fight so big that I punched something for the first time and my hand started bleeding. He called it quits but the next day he sent me a song and didn't talk for 2 days after that I didn't reply to that much I just put... I don't know if I should call him. I know he calm now. And also his bday is on Monday so I'm wondering if I should make up with him by then? Or if he should call.


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  • ... He called it quits but the next day he sent me a song...
    Being he Did make the First move to kiss and make up, even though it may have seemed a song and dance thereafter of 'Didn't talk for 2 days after that,' he made the initiative and with your no reply to this guy, is showing me you could be still miffed and maybe holding your own grudge.
    Now is not the time to stand on ceremonies with each other. This sounds sort of serious, and the more time you both stay silent, it isn't too golden for the goose nor the gander. It could later become even more awkward and maybe end Up-----A Month of More Mondays and another birthday.
    Give him a call before Monday here, dear. Perhaps get together to talk things out. If you both love one another, this locking horns raw deal, hopefully can be resolved and lip locking can instead be replaced, without egg on anyone's face.
    Good luck. xx

    • Well we've never even let it go past a week anyways but we talked last night thanks.

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    • I wonder what the fight was about that could have gotten a girl so worked up that she hit something. My birthday is Thursday, by the way :)

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to help be an arbitrator, and so happy things turned into a nice surprise for an early birthday after all...
      Any person, Kidlnk3, can get so worked up during a heated discussion that your adrenaline gets so fired and high anything is possible... he is lucky to see this birthday and must be his unconditional love overtakes anything... Happy birthday too.:)) xxoo

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  • Why did you punch something? Don't make it up to him if you're not in the mood. Did he even ask you about your hand? What kind of bf is that

    • Seriously...

    • Yes he did ask and because it was so fruaterating that he wasn't listening to me.

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  • You should call to him... :) if you are feeling to call him, you should call him, and maybe hm tell him sorry even if nothing is your fault.. because you miss speaking to him? :)

    • Your right but I'm afraid he won't talk to me I tested him the lyrics to the song he sent me and no reply. We've been together 6 years.

    • Maybe call to him, and ask him if he is wanting space, and tell him to speak with you and tell you, rather than... staying quiet since you seem to be confused with what to do. :) especially since you have been with him for 6 years... it is okay, speak to him, even if you are nervous, you will feel better, because you will know. :) do it for your own peace of mind yah. :)

  • if your upset with your bf u should tell him how u feel and if u need to tell someone about the fight u could probably call your friends

  • call him. what will you possible lose?

  • what was the fight about?


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