I swear no one breaks up anymore into age group, which means single girls my age are on the shelf right?

29 is not young is it? Do I need to accept the fact that im an old hag who will never find someone?
I'm someone who wants a family, so am I too old to be single?
I'm worried I've ended up alone and childless! Am i old? I still have time to seduce men don't i?
29 is still young for a woman isn't it?
I'm turning 29 in 2 months time... I don't feel old... I don't look old...

Is 29 old? Is it too old to be single? I don't see why I can't find someone and still fit in a few kids before the biological clock runs out...

I still have time to fall in love right or will I never find someone? Will I never find someone? Have i ended up alone forever?


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  • Many unmarried women in their late 20s and early 30s are worried about this very thing, and astute guys pick up on it. It's like the "DANGER WILL ROBINSON! DANGER!" warning going off in our head. Having to listen to you describe your dream wedding and the names you've picked out for our kids on the second date is a damn nightmare.

    1. Relax. Desperation is a turn off. At best it will get you a fling with a guy who knows he can use you for sex because *you* think it will get you somewhere with him.

    2. Take some pride in yourself independent of your perceived purpose in life of finding a man and getting babies by him. Self-confidence makes a woman more attractive no matter her age.

    3. Figure out what you bring to the table besides a vagina and a womb. What makes you someone a guy would want to spend his life with? Identify your strengths as a person, cultivate them, and play up to them when you interact with men you are interested in.

    4. Stop waiting for The One to walk through the door. He's not out there. That guy whose purpose in life is to fulfill your every dream and desire is an illusion sold to you by chick lit, Hollywood, and the members of the Rainbows & Unicorns Club. Prioritize, and find non-destructive ways to make up the deficits.


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  • The average American woman is fertile into her 40s and lives well into her 80s. You have decades! Building a life together isn't something that happens overnight. It's your masterwork. There's nothing wrong with making sure you have the right tools and companions to help you do it :)


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  • Yes dont worry you have plenty of time and your still realy young, have tried dating sights those might help

  • The way you worded your question makes me think you're trying to get taken guys.
    Go for single guys.

    Let's look at your options.
    You're nearly 29. For a guy, that's not too bad. A guy can still get a woman pregnant when he's in his 70's if he really wants to.

    However, for a woman the clock is ticking. Pretty much once a woman is fully grown she has about 12-15 years worth of being able to get pregnant with a healthy baby.

    You still have about 6 years left. So that gives you time to have 2 kids.
    First you have to find a guy you like who likes you and wants the same thing as you. If you met a guy tomorrow then it will take at least 1 and a half years to know you can fully trust him and know he still likes you and vice versa.

    So that leaves you with 4 and a half years to make healthy babies with him.

    So start guy hunting!

  • Go suck some dick you young


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  • Chill! Relax!
    At 29 there is still plenty of time to meet someone and having kids. You have AT LEAST 10 more years.

    Just don't get desperate. Guys kan smell "depserate" from miles away :-)


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