How can I help this girl who's just been through a break-up?

I've been interested in this girl I work with for a while now, but never mentioned it to her or did anything about it because she had a boyfriend and I respected that. Recently however they split up, and understandably she is an emotional wreck. She's always been a bit of a flirt around me and I thought there was something there. But before I could make my feelings for her known (or rather, had to spell it out to her) she told me she'd got a date after I'd asked if she was free to cover a shift for me. It absolutely devastated me, so I let her know why it upset me and really opened up to her about it. Apparently she had no idea I liked her in that way despite the fact I thought I'd made it abundantly clear.

Since then she's respected my wishes and has stopped with the flirting after I told her I didn't like feeling led on, and she hasn't yet mentioned this date from the other day. There are other things bothering her at work too and she's even threatened to leave, it's got that bad. I don't want to be her rebound but obviously she's in such a state at the moment and I want to prove I'm still there for her to help her get through all this. I don't really know how to go about this. Any advice? I'm more worried about her own sanity than anything.


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  • She feels about the breakup and her rejecting you. Give her space.


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