What is my ex GF thinking?

Long story short. I met a woman at work 2.5 years ago. We work in different departments but shared the same breaks. During our breaks we became close, in fact practically best friends. This led to us dating exclusively. She would tell me everyday how happy she was we got to that point and how something led us to getting together because we belong together. I was spending 5-6 nights a week at her place, which was all her idea. She even brought up me moving in. Fast forward to 4-5 months ago. She comes home from work and tells me she can't live with me and she needs space to get herself right. Before anyone jumps the gun there was no one else in the picture. Over the past 4-5 months I've had several people confirm this. She contacted me a month after the breakup and I asked her what really happened. She said she needs to be alone. From that point on I go strict NC, including at the workplace. So basically I went into "ghost" mode.

About 3-4 weeks ago she texts me out of the blue with a link to an article that contained an inside joke we shared. Since then we've been in contact everyday. It's mainly just random stuff but every now and then she will bring up something we did together. I'll say something like, "yeah that was fun" and then quickly change the subject in fear that talking more about the past will push her away. Even after all this time apart I would love to get back with her. Is this recent contact that she initiates 98% of the time a sign of something? Has the space I gave her made her realize that we really do belong together? Is she just trying to get back on a friendly level? I'm sort of confused at the moment and looking for some advice from people outside my personal peers. Thanks in advance.


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  • Why don't you just confront her and ask what happened and why she "needed to be alone"? question for you... you lived with her for half year and you didn't propose to her or talk about marriage, how come you didn't want to marry her?

    • I would have married her in a heartbeat. It wasn't about having a phobia commitment on my end. Although I left it out of my original post we did discuss marriage, in fact I took to look at rings to get an idea of what kind of ring she would want. As far as living with her, technically I wasn't living with her although I did spend 5-6 nights a week at her place it wasn't going to be official until this past November.

    • That above should say "I took HER to look at rings".

    • Then I guess she doesn't want to marry you sorry... I don't know how she thinks, cannot relate to her at all. Sometimes I feel that man profess they like it when women are sincere and don't play games but seems to me men just loves women who play games, drives them wild with crazy love.

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