Should I break up with my boyfriend, because I am a failure?

I absolutely love my boyfriend, but I am a failure. A total failure. I have $29 to my name, no work or higher education. Soon, I'll be homeless. I'll be living on the streets, because I'm a disgrace to my family and they don't want me here. I've been looking for work, but I've only gotten called for two interviews, and I'm not attractive enough to be a stripper.

My life is falling apart. His life is going forward. He loves me a lot, and I know my situation is troubling him, but I cannot live with him. I don't have any friends or other family as well.

Should I just break up with him?


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  • Keep trying to get a job, even if its one you think is beneath you. I understand that employment rates are bad right now, but if you put in the effort, you should be able to find minimum wage work.

    Is welfare an option for you? Or a women's group home?

    • I'll look into it, thanks for the suggestion.

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  • Well he kind of looks like your best shot... so Unless he does it himself, you better try and remain with him.
    Oh and for whatever it's worth, don't be sad. Every thing is going to be ok, just don't lose hope.

    Have a nice day.

  • If he wants to break up with you, he'll do it himself.

  • as long as you DON'T consinder yourself a failure... you're not!

  • Has he suggested you live with him?

    • He doesn't want me to live with him

    • I wouldn't run out of your way to break up, but since you may need to move or something soon, i don't know how much you will be seeing him

      sorry things are going so hard.

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