Would it ruin my marriage if I re-enlisted in the Marine Corps?

My wife said she couldn't handle me going back for four more years in the Corps. She fears I won't come back but that's just part of the job private first class battalion squadron E-3 and C-2, you will never know your last day until that day comes... but she thinks it would ruin us if I re-enlisted. Its a hard decision...
  • should I go back to the Marines
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  • or be with my wife
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  • Who do you really love? Your wife or the Corps? My Dad is a (former) USMC Zero, so I hear the acronyms and four letter adjectives come out of his mouth quite often. Dude, don't ever downplay the fact that you're a Bad Ass, you're a Marine, Oooh Rah!!! (That is unless you're one of those office pukes!) = ]

    I take it that you've toured in-country at least once already, (no need to say) I cannot imagine the stress a Marine's wife must feel when her Marine is in harms way, it can't be good. I applaud and thank you both for your service to our Country especially in a time when our service members and families are not being supported and thanked as they should. I also know how most Marines feel about seeking help, is there a Chaplain you and your wife can talk to together? That might be one of your first steps, it will at least open up communication in a positive way.

    Another thing that could allow you to stay connected to the Corps might be to do a stint as a USMC Reservist. Unfortunately Reservists are getting tapped to do active duty tours with increasing frequency. Once things get better you could re-up active duty again.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Your nationalism is commendable, but I wouldn't exactly recommend that.

    I understand that part of the job is self-sacrifice, but your life and well-being may not be the only sacrifice with this potential re-enlistment.


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What Girls Said 4

  • she is being very clear about not wanting you to go.

    You have to decide for yourself what is more important to you, because if you do enlist there is a big chance that your wife will not be there when you come back.

    What's the point of being married to someone and be alone for 4 years plus never knowing if he will even make it back?

  • Okay, I know you're trying to talk yourself up and all so people read this and think you're a badass, but that doesn't work very well when they have no freaking clue what the heck you're taking about. Speak civilian.

    Also, can you even OPSEC?

    • OPSEC is a guideline rule on military protection act I'm not trying to should like a bad ass. I was raised in a USMC family... you have no idea what we through, I'm doing this for my future and to further my education and not trying to be a bad ass...

    • I guess what I'm trying to say is, there's some unneeded information in this question that makes it appear as though you desire recognition for your service. And I'm not saying you've violated OPSEC conditions yet, but in my experience, people who have no problem blabbing their rank also have no problem saying other things. Just wanted to be sure. Furthermore, I have all the ideas of what military life is like, so yes, I'm aware of what we go through.

      Anyway, as far as your question goes, if your wife has a habit of keeping her word and being stubborn you'll probably have issues. So this is when (just in case she throws an ultimatum at you) you've gotta think long and hard about where your values lie. Is military life and the benefits that come with it more important than your marriage and your wife, or is it the other way around? This is hardly something you leave up to the judgment of strangers on the internet. I really wish you the best and hope it doesn't boil down to that.

    • Very true! I'll take it to consideration.

  • Which do you love more: your wife, or serving your country?

    'Cause that's all it really boils down to.

  • She sound like she is worried that she is wanting to have sex with other men while you are gone


What Guys Said 2

  • My brother was in the marines and me and my mom would always pray that he would come back but I was crying because I missed him so much thankfully he came back I Thank God for that so I personally say be with your wife but it's your decision

  • Um. Yes. ?


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