Does anyone hate their ex Girlfriend/Boyfriend because they chose another person over you and you couldn't have get them to stay?

I remember when I dated these two girls.. (No not at the same damn time it was separately) I dated them and when they both broke up with my ass they went to another guy. I was soo sprung and inlove that I pulled out all the tricks in the book to get each of them back, I sent flowers and can't and I'm very poetic and I showed them I really cared and I'm sorry for the way I've treated them. I even watched the food network channel and made italian food and stuff and one of the girls loved sushi so I learned how to make sushi... I was desperate to get those girls back. I swore I was winning because they were hangin out with me and going places with me and coming over and saying all this sweet stuff, dedicating songs to me and shit lol! then one day they each chose the other guy. It happened TWICE!!! I was destroyed on the inside and I isolated myself for months!. only work and home no parties. And I drank a lot. (Long story short), It hurt soo much on the inside that I began to hate them because I felt abandoned and betrayed. Losing a girl to me is nothing but Losing someone I love with my heart and soul is like someone cutting off my arm or a leg... It's bee a long time but I still hate them til this very day and I'd probably let them die If they were hanging off a cliff. Is it just me that feels this type of hate or are there others out there that share my passion?
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  • I don't have the heart to hate him... I wish he is happy even though he made me miserable...


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  • I am the opposite of c in a way, I forgot but never forgave. I don't think about her anymore because I totally cut her out of my life, but when I do...

    I don't like the concept of breaking up with someone for someone else. I am a big fan of taking time to sort all your feelings and such from the last person first, it creates a better relationship in the future. Plus if you are even considering anyone else on any level, then you are probably done with your current relationship and should not drag it out. but break up because you don't want me any more, not because you want someone else more...


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  • I was lost for a while then tried what you tried didn't work hated then realized you know what if I really loved them and they really mattered to me I would want them to be happy even if there happiness doesn't involve me

    • I tried that but I'm lying to myself when I say those words, I'm glad their happy but I will always wish I was the one that made them happiest and I wish I had never failed

  • My ex didn't leave me for someone else, she left because we were obviously not compatible. I don't hate her, I don't care for her, I don't want anything to do with her anymore.

    • How can u certainly not be compatible anymore unless both grew up an changed or something.

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