Why do I keeping having dreams about my ex?

Its been four years since I've dated this man from the Armed forces. We had a great relationship what I thought. He abruptly ended it six months later. He said he wasn't ready as he just came back from two tour in Iraq. I told him I would wait, and I did for two years. Without a call or email from him.
One day last year he added me to FB and sent me an email. He was upset to know I got into a relationship. The fact I went two years without a phone call or message kind of hurt. He told me that he dated a few times but they were not me. I don't know why I keep dreaming about this guy. He's super sweet and I do miss him. But he won't talk to me now since I'm in a relationship with some one else.
Seriously waiting for two years with no word from him I figured he went back for a third tour...
Was I wrong to get involved in another relationship, or was it him.


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