Should I meet up with ex gf, she went cold n dumped me but said it's bad timing and still wants us to see eachother? I was a rebound of her ex tho?

Hey guys I have a dilemma my girlfriend dumped me around a month ago, when we first met she was really intense and I really liked that, she always wanted to see me and spend every minute with me which I liked tbh because I thought it means if she always wants to spend time with me she must really like me so I thought everything was going well.

She recently broke up with her bf when we met though he was violent and she was still with him when we met but we were jus friends then when she broke it off with him she latched onto me me always used to say I'm a nice guy who will treat her right n respect her which I did, anyway after like 2 months she just went cold, literally ice cold and distant would never message me ignore messages make up excuses to avoid seeing or speaking to me. It was weird because it went from one extreme to another anyway it was like that for about a month jus cold and distant.

It got to the point where we went days without talking because she would never reply even when I met up with her she barely spoke to me or was affectionate anyway we spoke n she broke it off said she still loves me but our relationship was too serious and intense too soon as she just broke up with her ex basically I was a rebound but she still wants us to see eachother without the seriousness of a relationship and maybe in the future we can try again because she wants to be with me but it's bad timing

She said all this right but due to me being away and her being away I haven't seen her we was meant to still hang out but I've been out of the country n so has she I was thinking as she still wants us to see eachother we would still talk often but we barely do perhaps because were away but when one of my friends told her I said me and her had split up she quickly told him we were still seeing eachother n were just taking it slow so I'm really confused does she want me or does she not want me? I don't think she's back with her ex either so it's not one of those situations


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