How do you continue loving yourself?

How do you continue loving yourself after abuse


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  • Certainly you have a beautiful soul if he felt the need to crush your self worth just to make him feel better by abusing you. The truth is, you NEVER stopped loving yourself, you just forgot how it felt. Love is the never ending life force. You didn't lose it.. you never did. Surround yourself with happy people. People who make you feel good about yourself and love will reminding you who you always have been.


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  • You see a therapist.

    Not trying to be crass. Seriously. Find someone to listen and let them help you work through it.

  • I stop giving a shit and stop "loving" and start "challenging" myself.

  • By hating others. Remember you're the most valuable person to you, you know you're awesome really, then look at all the fuckers, surely just comparing yourself to the fucks on this website will give you a boost. lol

    • Comical. But you are correct about being valuable. Ty

    • Comical was the intention, I have a weird sense of humor and I wondered if you might think I was serious. I got the downvote and thought well that could have gone either way really. haha. You are valuable, despite what you've been through you're a person with hopes and dream... you owe it to yourself to seek what'll make you happy.. don't let them keep a good woman down I say. haha

    • its appreciated :) i have a similar sense of humor... i had to develop it to avoid going insane.. i didn't down vote you :)

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  • You accept what happened and understand that being abused is NEVER the victims fault.
    You didn't do one thing wrong.

    • Wish it were that easy. This helps ty

    • It's not easy. I've been there. You should seek professional help to help you get through this.

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