Is it wrong to like a friend's ex?

I feel awful he's a good friend of mine but so is she. I've always liked her even before they were together but I tried to ignore those feelings and it worked for 3 and a half years.

it's been a year or so since they've broke up, and after facing reality that the girl I liked didn't like me back I've realized many things.

I wish this feeling would vanish because I feel awful about this even though my friend isn't a jealous guy


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  • ok well who broke up with who because i think it depends on how it ended. if it was a pretty clean break up i think its ok if u like her and want to date her bur mabey u should ask your friend how he feels

  • I think my friend's x is super hot... I would fuck em but obviously I wouldn't tell my friend that!

    Yes, it's normal


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