Ex not replied since I said I wanted to be friends?

Me & him ended without any bad feelings, it was his choice as I asked him what he wanted and he said he didn't know. But he said that I could message him if I wanted.

We then didn't talk (I wanted to get over him before I messaged him), then a month on he messaged me & invited me round to watch TV. I took that as "I want sex", so said I no, but I would like to catch up. He said he'd like to too.

I then messaged him asking if he wanted to meet for a drink & to let me know a day if he did. He replied & within that said "yeah I'd love to but are we just catching up as friends?". So I replied saying yeah I only meant as friends. Since then he hasn't replied.

I would love to be friends with him, but I don't really understand why he hasn't replied when he seemed up for it?


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  • He wants to keep you around as an option, good for you for not playing his game

    • Thank you, the way he's been since has been irritating - messaged me a few times & even said he still likes me but I told him I'm not interested in more than friends. Not playing his games anymore!

    • Love your self respect

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  • He wanted you to be his girl on a string. You clearly don't want that, so he isn't interested. I would just move on.

  • Because he doesn't want to. Who cares?


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