Future Husband or Past Boyfriend?

So, me and my ex has been broken up for 2 years. I miss him because he was the person I would always vent to and he would always listen with no opinion. He has changed and he now has a girl friend and he once told me he didn't have the time and then he stopped talking to me. It would be the best for someone to tell me what I should do. P. s we haven't talked in 2 months since he said that.


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  • The best fing to do for u and him is not to contact him n move on.

    • Im working on it. I deleted his number, and his kik name and I deleted Facebook so yea.

  • He has a girlfriend, you'll just have to move on.

    • More than likely that's the best but being the fact that my friends know him all they do is mention his name and bring back old memories.

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