Do guys change their minds after a break up? Is there any way to get him back?

I was dating a guy for just over a month. About a week ago he ended things with me because of the distance. He is about an hour drive from me, so I honestly don't think it's even considered "long distance" Is there any way in the future that I can try to open him up to trying again? I really like him, we connected so much on our first date and even more in the dates following, and I really want him back. He said he really liked me too and his reasoning for ending things had nothing to do with his feelings for me. How should I go about this? Thanks!


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  • Tell him you respect his decision then leave him alone, if he comes back for you in 2 weeks time then he is yours to keep :)

    • I have. I let him know the other day that there are no hard feelings. So i can only hope for the best :)

    • You approached it perfectly, good luck

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  • Can you move closer to him? If you cannot, then it is probably best to move on.


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