Why is he deleting me on all his social media?

So he broke up with me and I thought we were on good terms but he's been deleting me off all social media and I don't understand why he's doing this he said he cares about my safety and wishes me the best and he said he was cool but he does this why I'm so confused help me


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  • Just his way of processing the break-up.. I think it's more about not having a constant reminder of you every day..
    It's not negative/positive towards you, it's just how he is processing everything

    • but we had broken up before and he never unfriended me.

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    • I do the same thing, I don't think anything negative about the female, it's just how I deal with it, helps keep my head less confused

    • ohh thanks a lot! :) maybe I should let him go

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  • It's easier to get over someone and move beyond that part if your past if you just cut ties.


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  • he's simply dropping the dead weight ^^

    he said that just for the hell of it also LOLOLOL

  • i guess actually he wants to forget his past ;-)


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