Why is my Ex-Fiance acting so strangely towards me?

Quick and Dirty: We had a relationship right out of a movie, first kiss in the rain and multiples of other things. We get told we can't have kids, almost tears us apart and we decide to stay together. Bang! Miracle, beautiful daughter in our lives. Hard pregnancy, but worth it. She didn't work for the first 2 years of our child's life, then she goes back to work, she's instantly in some sort of independence rage. Relationship deteriorates for about 8 months, gets better, we start planning our wedding and a second child, things get bad again about a month later.
Then she ends it on New Years.
Instantly with a new guy within 2 weeks of our 5 year relationship ending, and has since been taking our daughter around him, always telling me about how happy she is, now she's saying she wants to spend the rest of her life with him, and recently has been dropping the bomb on me that he has been pushing to meet me since they started hooking up. He keeps pushing and won't stop.
She keeps telling me how he is such a good and nice guy, but personally, I feel like he is coming across as a strange, insecure, and damaged bag of unmentionable things. They've been together for two months. I personally don't have time to help him with his insecurities about their relationship (because apparently he wants to make sure she and I aren't still together, from her mouth, not mine) and what seems like his insecurities about how he feels about himself by saying he wants me to know how nice and good of a guy he is and it's ok for my daughter and my ex-fiance to be around him.
Let's take into account that she still lives at our house every 2-3 days for a night maybe 2, or whenever she is incredibly sad or sick or needs to talk about her feelings…
I'm honestly over her, so when she shows up, I just give her whatever she needs (medicine, food, an ear occasionally) and I go back to focusing on my awesome daughter or my life. She seems miserable but keeps pressing how happy she is, why do this?


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  • ^^ Now thats the biggest load of shit I've heard! As a single mum, I've bought my own house, work full time & dont ask my ex for anything other then when would it suit him to have our daughter for a night. You should learn to keep your uneducated mouth shut.
    Dont worry mate, not all women are fcked up like the above poster or your ex!

    • Yeah I don't really know what the last poster was getting at. It was neither helpful nor informative, just an explosion of pent up anger. Thanks for the words. I figured there is really no decoding what she is doing at this point…

  • That is why I fuxking hate single mom. They go around acting all victimized and say nasty stuff about their children's father and sleep around with other men... HATE them... single moms are the worst, they just want to use men.


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