Feeling different after break up?

Is it normal to feel different after a break up?

I broke up a year ago, ever since then i have been different. Can't say good or bad, but it feels like nothing. Like it feels like i just give up on love and empty.

Before the breakup i was a carefree going and has a great sense of humor and IDGAF attitude. Now i just dont feel like trying anything, except work 9-5 go home and sleep and giving lots of fucks.

How did you guys revert to the old you?


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  • I think we all change when we are in a relationship, even more if it was a long one, and we don't even notice in that time. I can relate because I had a stupid bf once who liked to dictate me around, and I was so caught up on him that I didn't even realize I was not doing anymore things that I liked. The best part is that it ended soon, and after he wasn't around anymore I was like "Jesus, what happened to me?". I wasn't even sure I liked anymore the things I used to do. So I start to experience new and old stuff altogether, and after a time all of it was back.
    I don't know if my story is any good, but I tried.

    • Thanks, i guess yea. I should try to think positively. The past is the past, i guess im just too hurt to move on

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