Should I ask if there was anything between them or just walk away?

My ex has a long history of cheating on his ex wife even with me at one point.( I knew he was married but he had told me at the time he was seprated and was getting divorced, when I was 6 months pregnant I found out it was all a lie)
My ex and I had no contact when I found out the truth and he had no contact with our son either this was his choice.
He and his ex wife did eventually seprate and are currently getting divorced. He and I decided to try our relationship again but it come to an end 3 months ago with him ending it suddenly after 4 years.
During the time we were together I fully trusted him never to cheat on me even thou I knew he had in the past on his soon to be ex wife. I was also aware that in the beginning of our relationship ( this time) I found out he had been chatting up other females but I let it go as it was in the very beginning and we were not committed even thou I was we hadn't had that talk of being exclusive.
After we had the talk of being exclusive I found out he had been talking to this female on Twitter and when I asked who she was he lied and said it was an old school friend, as I didn't go to his school I believed him. However I know a few other friends of his who went to school with him but never knew this person I thought it was weird but said nothing. Then I started to notice that if I was standing next to him he would refuse to open the message if it was from her saying she was a pest but wouldn't unfriend her and she continued to message him ( I started to get suspicious then but didn't want to believe he would be cheating)
Since breaking up I have decided to look up her profile to find out she is single and believed he was too.
I am wondering if I should contact her and let her know that he was not single and actually we have a family or leave it. I would hate to find out he had lied and cheated on me but at the same time if he has been lying to her etc I think she should know. Should I tell or walk away?


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  • Why?
    The first two words of your first sentence says it all:
    "My ex"

    This is exactly what the situation is. Not sure why you're not treating it as such. No buts.

    you're here making him seem like a bad guy but instead you're coming off a obcessed with a previous relationship.

    Move on. Where is your life headed? Why are you even thinking of his personal life.


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  • You are waay too forgiving methinks.
    Yeah he might straighten out, maybe.
    But, he might not.
    there are just soo many other nice guys out there.
    Why even run that risk?


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