If I make plans with my ex, should I still be texting her until the day comes?

I haven't hung out with my ex in about 5 months since the breakup. I made plans to meet up with my ex next week. We made plans for a quick meet up, which was made a couple days ago. Since the plans were made, we have not talked. Should I not message her until the night before? Or should I still be in contact with her while we await the day we meet up?


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  • Depends on why you wanna meet

    • just to catch up... but to be honest, my end goal is to get back with her (she ended it with me). But I'm not going in there with high hopes. It's just going to be a casual meetup

    • Well if u wanna do that I'd say its best to chat in the meantime to build up a connection maybe?

      you know her best and what will better your chances

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