Is my ex girlfriend seeing someone?

My ex girlfriend left me and our 100% perfect relationship 7 months ago. She left due to GIGS (Grass is Greener Syndrome)
Even when she broke up she said this was the best relationship she ever had, and there was no doubt in her mind that I was the man for her and the one she was surpose to marry. She just didn't feel it right now, but maybe she would get those feelings back some day.

I have been ignoring her these past 4-5 months. She clearly doesn't like that, as she has begun liking my posts on Instagram. I am very sure itt is because she wants me to start likeing hers back, but I dont.

But recently she has started to indicate she is seeing someone by writing she is spending time with "a sweet guy" and "I miss the sweetest guy"... She has never done that before. And also: Nothing on her social profiles indicates any guys in her life. Only girls likes and comments on all her posts. No guys ever likes or comments... That makes me think, could this simply be to push my buttons?

Girls please assist me. It is weird right? (Her age: 22)
Any girls ever did this? Or guys.
Anyone has any experience in this, or any wise words?


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  • Sounds like she misses you & the posts are for you to start conversations with her.

    • Even when she starts posting about this "very sweet guy" that comes to visit her tonight?

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    • Yes I want her back. But everyone that knows about GIGS tells me to keep ignoring her. I do feel like asking her for coffee though. But if she is seeing someone I will look like an idiot

    • Wouldn't hurt to try.

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  • Let me start by saying obviously the relationship wasn't 100% perfect if she broke up with you. Actually, to phrase that better, NO relationship is 100% perfect, I'm convinced that it isn't possible.

    Yea of course she can be trying to push your buttons.

    Why are you ignoring her? Do you not like her? Are you upset about the break up?

    • Hehe. Yes I know there is no 100% perfect relationship. :) What I should have written was: the best relationship both her and I ever had. :)

      I am ignoring her because from what I have read, and from my personal experience that is the best to do when a girl left due to GIGS. We tried some contact 1 month after the break up, but it end up hurting me.

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    • Exatcly. It might have been long enough by now. But before I make any attempt of contact I need to know if she is seeing someone. Hence this question hehe :)

    • I think that's hard to know without going to her directly though.

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  • Just stop ignoring her and talk to her. You will totally ruin all chances of getting back together if you avoid her


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  • In honesty, let her drop as many hints as she likes...
    She wants you back, let her chase you. Keep your self respect, and make her show you that you value yourself and she needs to know not to take you for granted a second time

    • So far I am also ignoring her. And yes, everyone that knows about GIGS tells me the same as you. Some part of me just wants to know wants who it is (now if she up- or downgraded) but if she really is makeing it up, it must mean she is missirable :)
      True or fake, it will not change my plan.

    • I would be the same... very curious about what came after me.. But let's be honest mate, it definitely does not make your head any clearer knowing unfortunately

    • You know that feeling you get when you see your ex with someone waaaay worse than you? Haha :)

  • Dude. you're living in a fantasy world.. to say " 100% perfect relationship" " she left because.."

    Move on. there's some strong issues you're not seeing in this relationship


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