How should I ask my ex girlfriend out? Help...

My ex girlfriend has been showing signs that she's interested in me after being apart for 5 months.

I don't want to look like an idiot asking her out the day after she shows interest.

How should I handle this? I don't want to mess this up.

How should I ask her out?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends why you guys broke up in the first place..but other than that juss go up to her and say that it seems like she likes you again and she's sendin you some of those signs that makes you think she's interested. Juss tell her how you feel. If she does like you again then it'll work out. Juss make sure you tell her that you don't want her to freak out or anything but juss say that's what it seems like. If its meant to happen'll happen!

    Hope I Helped=]


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  • ur ex's move on! stop beatin a dead horse! whatever made you 2 break up in the first place I can 100% guarenteed you will make you 2 break up again! go after some new hotties!


What Guys Said 1

  • First, who broke up with who in the relationship?

    If she broke up with you, I'd say don't ask her out at all. You may be confusing friendship with interest.


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