How can I get my ex boyfriend back?

So we've been dating for a little over a year and a half. Basically 2 years. He's a really great guy but lately I don't know what my problem is. I get mad at him for no reason and sometimes ignore him but he's very loving towards me. I don't like to show pda because my friends made fun of me for that. I'm just self conscious about it now and would prefer to do it privately or not in front of so many people.
I do love him, I really do but I suppose my actions show other wise. But I had been trying to kiss him more lately and we didn't go on many dates anymore but I was planning on taking him on a date.
We also kinda argued a lot and he got tired of it. I guess he got tired of me but literally like a day or two before we broke up he was telling me how my attitude makes him want to work harder and fight for me because he can't be without me..
Then I broke up with him because we ignored each other for a day and then he asked if we're together anymore because he didn't really care anymore. I said now, we're done. I begged him back later that day and we were cool and then I said something stupid and we were like okay it's done. So again I begged him back but he didn't want me and said there was nothing I could do to get him back. I drove him to not care anymore and he was tired of fighting for me.
It's been less than a month now and I have texted him a few times but he just doesn't want a relationship with me anymore. He wants me to hate him but I can't. It hurts me so much and I cried for 2 weeks and I miss him so much. He's so over me but how could he get over me so quick?
I told him I would change and stop with the attitudes and arguing and I meant that but he says I hurt him so much and that his heart doesn't burn for me anymore, it's just ice now and he told me he doesn't care about anything anymore. It's been about 3 days since I texted him.
(BTW this was al through text, we didn't say much in person and I'm afraid and embarrassed to.)
He also tells me I deserve better and he was just trying to talk me out of wanting to be with him. He's also said to please hate him. He really wants me to hate him. He said he doesn't hate me but he's ignoring me in person. He wants to say hi to me but he thinks I hate him but wants me to. I don't understand


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  • Oh, he really is...
    You did it harshly

  • You Don't! I don't think he will want to get you back don't worry all that sorrow and your love will go by time #findanewguy


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  • I don't think he instantly stopped caring about you, but you treated him badly for so long. You kept making him chase after you with no reward. There is no way that he is going to run after someone like that. Unfortunately you need to accept that you are immature and was selfish and you have blown it. You had a chance to have him back yet you still went and said "something stupid". You need to stop chasing him now. If he wants you back again (which is unlikely) then he will come. The more you beg the more unattractive you look, and the less likely it is that he will want you.

    • You're so right. Thank you so much. Your answer was the best

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